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Live long, BillGuard and Prosper!

Friends, family, Guardians! It’s with great excitement and a mashup of other joy-filled emotions that I share the big news today that BillGuard is being acquired by one of my favorite companies, Prosper Marketplace! Five years in the making, this is THE perfect marriage for both companies. Prosper, one of the fastest growing private companies in America, who pioneered crowd-powered (“peer-to-peer”) lending, and BillGuard, one of the fastest growing personal finance apps in America, who pioneered crowd-powered personal finance – are joining forces to create the ultimate financial well-being platform.

This is the culmination of BillGuard’s founding mission to empower consumers to control, protect and do more with their money. We’re already the best way to control and protect your money, and now with Prosper we’re going to bring you exciting new ways to do more with your money. We couldn’t be more thrilled and can’t wait to share our integration with the world. More on that in a future post, but first…

What this means for the most important person of all – You, our loyal customer.

BillGuard, the product and team, will stay exactly the same, except now we’re going to grow much, much faster. This is just another amazing chapter in our history, one that will enable us to bring you the great features we’ve dreamt of, and that you’ve asked for, faster. All of this would not be possible without the trust, support and feedback you’ve given us. We love you for it. Sharing the benefits of this marriage with you makes it all the more special. Stay tuned for some more exciting announcements via email. As you know, I answer every single customer email at, so please reach out any time!

I know for some of my favorite products, acquisitions marked an end of startup culture and innovation. That’s not what’s happening here. We’re joining forces with another kick-ass startup that greatly values what we’ve built and who we are, and wants more than anything for us to keep it up. We love them for it. Aaron, Itzik, Josh, Tobias and the rest of our new Prosper family, thank you! We’re going to do great things together.

We’re hiring like crazy. Come ride a Unicorn!

Being a part of a billion dollar plus pre-IPO rocket ship (“Unicorn”) is a once in a lifetime opportunity, personally, professionally and financially. This is particularly true in Israel, where our Tel Aviv product office is going to grow exponentially starting today. If you’re brilliant and live/love code, UX, design, data, marketing or support and want the ride of your life, WE WANT YOU. Join us!

Thank you. Some personal notes.

Starting a company is crazy, statistically speaking. I often compare it to jumping off of a cliff and learning how to sew a parachute on the way down. Having built three companies, I can say with a certainty only afforded to those with experience that nothing matters more to the success of a company than its team. That team building process started in November 2009 when my wife and I found an unauthorized charge on her credit card and I had the crazy idea of building a crowdsourced financial analytics product and company to solve it. Orly was the first person to tell me to go for it, and with this button push, we did. She is my rock and MVP. Thank you baby.

Building that product required the perfect co-founder CTO and that search started with Amir Orad, who joined our board and is a director still today. Amir, thank you for your wisdom and service through the years. Amir intro’d a friend, who knew a guy, who in April 2010 would become the greatest hire I’ve made in 15 years of building companies – Raphael Ouzan, my co-founder, CTO and most recently Head of Products. Raphael’s meteoric rise from 23 year old hacker and decorated military officer to running our Tel Aviv product office would have been impressive enough, but in that time creating organizations that empower others to follow his large footsteps puts Raphael in a league of his own. He is the best young entrepreneur and product executive I know (and I know a lot) and I’m lucky to work beside him. Raphael, thank you brother for taking this journey with me so far. I can’t wait to see where you will take our product from here!

And to the Guardians, 25 of the most amazing, talented, funny, loving people I have ever worked with, today’s chapter turn is your victory, by your hand. You took a chance on Raphael and me and sewed that parachute. We fly because of you. You took an idea and navigated it to places we couldn’t have imagined at the start. Through all the iterations, stops, starts and turns, you envisioned, engineered and delivered a product that’s loved by millions. All the late nights, long weekends, 119 sprints (!) and your deep personal attention and caring all added up to today. Thank you.

Lastly, a group of 12 investors took a gamble on us, starting with Adam Fisher of Bessemer Venture Partners who shook my hand and funded a dream in March of 2010 when all we had was a crazy idea. Thank you.

Onward and upward! Let’s go Prosper!