The Fine Print: This 90-Day Guarantee Only Lasts 60 Days

Welcome to the Fine Print, a regular feature in which we highlight confusing or shady text at the bottom of your customer agreements. This week, we’re featuring a company that has a confusing set of criteria surrounding their satisfaction guarantee.

First of all, they call it a 90-day guarantee, although that’s a bit misleading, because they won’t accept returns during the first 30 days. They clearly state that you must use the product, as directed, for the first 30 days you own it. Opened bottles returned prior to the 30-day mark will be disqualified for a refund.

Their policies are extremely specific: you must use the first bottle, in full, before you can return it, BUT you cannot use any other bottle. All other bottles must be returned in resalable condition. Is that specific (and picky) enough for you?

As usual, they require an RMA, a return merchandise authorization, before you can return the product. Just shipping it isn’t allowed; you’ll need to call or email to get their permission first. You’ll also have shipping deducted They don’t tell you how much S&H costs — they only say its deducted — although at the bottom of the fine print, in a separate section, they mention that S&H will range between $4.95 to $15.99.

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