How Scott Saved $40/Month With BillGuard

Want to read a true story of a satisfied BillGuard user? Read on!

How Scott Saved $40 Per Month

Scott is a frequent business traveler. His receipts and payments are scattered across the country, and his credit card statements often reflect the names of merchants that he doesn’t recognize. That’s a normal experience among regular travelers: after all, they deal with a wide swath of retailers across multiple states and time zones.

Scott is precisely the type of person who might not spot a suspicious or unwanted charge on his statements. So when he learned about BillGuard while surfing Facebook, he became immediately intrigued.

He wanted to “try out an app that … (would) help me confirm my purchases,” Scott said. He and his wife both signed up for free accounts.

Right away, BillGuard caught a $20 grey charge on both of their credit card statements. It stemmed from a “free credit check” that turned into an unwanted paid subscription.

This is known as a “free-to-paid” grey charge, and this particular type of deceptive charge costs Americans $6.1 billion – (that’s right, billion with a “b”) – each year, according to a 2013 study by the Aite Group and BillGuard.

Worst of all, “free-to-paid” subscriptions are only one of 11 types of grey charges. In total, Americans lose $14.2 billion to grey charges annually.

Scott and his wife had already lost $200 to this grey charge.

“I had literally no idea,” Scott said, “and it had been happening for approximately five months.”

They both flagged the charge immediately, but they took two different tactics: Scott addressed the issue with the merchant directly, while his wife asked BillGuard to handle the dispute on her behalf (for free).

His wife’s approach “was much simpler,” Scott admits.

The story has a happy ending: both Scott and his wife got rid of the unwanted subscription, a move that will save them $480 annually moving forward.

“The charge is gone,” Scott said, “and we watch our spending a little more carefully as a result of BillGuard.”