How One BillGuard User Saved $700

Want to hear the true story of one BillGuard user who saved more than $700 thanks to our service? Read on!

User Testimonial: The $700 Decision

Tom (not his real name) was surfing the internet one afternoon when he stumbled upon a story on the website about the release of BillGuard’s new iPhone app.

“With its innovative utilization of email client features and streamlined UI,” the review said, “this finance tracking app will become your essential tool for credit card monitoring.”

He read about the BillGuard app’s features: it integrates with your accounts, pulls real-time data, scans that data for grey charges, and sends you an alert if anything looks suspicious. You can swipe it away, just like you’re interfacing with your email Inbox, or you can flag the charge and BillGuard will help you contest it (for free).

“I signed up because it was interesting and free,” Tom said. “I wasn’t expecting to find anything. The recurring charge was a surprise.”

Recurring charge? Oh yes. Tom didn’t know it, but he was getting charged $45 per month for a subscription to, a dating website that he’s never even visited.

In fact, Tom had been getting billed for this service for more than a year. In fact, he had already lost a whopping $700 to this unauthorized charge.

Does that sound like a high number? It’s not an anomaly.

Last year, Americans collectively lost $14.3 billion to “grey charges” – sneaky, unwanted charges like the type that Tom faced. One in three victims lost between $100 to $500 to grey charges, while an additional 9 percent – including Tom – lost more than $500.

Fortunately, “BillGuard flagged the charge the first time I ran the app,” he said. He immediately contested it.

His cardissuer, CitiCard, was highly responsive. They halted any future charges and issued a temporary credit to his account for all of the past charges. They cancelled his card, re-issued him a new one, and opened up an investigation into the previous unauthorized charges.

It’s a good thing Tom downloaded the BillGuard app, isn’t it? It turned out to be a $700+ decision.

“I was able to recover hundreds,” Tom said.