Take Charge: Week of June 8

Welcome to Take Charge, our weekly roundup of news about hidden fees and fine print!

Have you ever thought that you were making a one-time purchase … only to discover that you had inadvertently signed up for a subscription?

Surprise! This is a Subscription!

In this week’s article about The Fine Print, we highlight an example of an online product that appears to be a one-time purchase. Embedded deeply within the fine print, though, is the disclosure that you’re actually signing up for a recurring subscription. Sure, you might cancel after you’ve received your “first month supply” … but that means you’re still on the hook for paying for that first month. This is a perfect example of an unwanted subscription, one of the most common types of Grey Charges.

8 Tips to Prevent Unauthorized Credit Card Charges

Want to learn more preventative measures that can guard you against unauthorized credit card charges? Here are 8 tips from personal security expert Robert Siciliano, which include:

  • Check for “https” in the URL of any site into which you enter private data;
  • Refute unauthorized transactions or withdrawals immediately;
  • Never respond to an email solicitation for private data.

Read the full article to learn more!

Tweets from Our Community

BillGuard is committed to helping you save money, which is why we tweeted this article from the Alliance to Save Energy on the Top 5 Energy Efficiency SmartPhone Apps. Check out these great apps, and watch your bills (and your carbon footprint) drop!

We also tweeted out this Mainstreet.com article about 4 apps that will help you survive a heat wave. It’s the peak of summer, so be careful out there!

Finally, some news about ourselves: Want to learn how to delete a card on BillGuard? Check out this video on Vine, which walks you through the process.

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