Take Charge: Week of July 29

A HUGE thank-you to all of our fans who are iPhone users! BillGuard is proud to be the #1 finance app in the App Store. Haven’t downloaded it yet? Find us here.

Meanwhile, onto our regular weekly roundup of news about grey charges …

How is a Credit Card Like a Kiss?

A kiss, like a credit card, has strings attached. There’s a cost to it, whether it’s draining emotions or hidden fees. Let’s just hope that neither one is sneaky. Learn more about the analogy between credit cards and kisses in this blog post, First Kiss, First Love, First Credit Card.

Seniors Struggle to Read Fine Print

New research shows that senior citizens have a hard time reading the fine print … and it’s not just due to declining eyesight. Learn more about how fine print adversely affects our grandparents generation in this article.

Tweets from Our Community

BillGuard is proud to be made in both Israel and New York.

“Proud to be made in Israel –> The 20 Hottest #Startups From The World’s 2nd-Biggest Startup Factory, Israel,” we announced on Twitter last week, sharing this article from Business Insider that includes BillGuard as one of Israel’s hottest startups.

Of course, our CEO Yaron Samid noted that “We are proud to be #madeinny. Home to most dynamic technology innovators,” tweeting this AlleyWatch article in which he describes New York as the “Great American melting pot” and calls the city a “logical choice” for BillGuard, “given that it is home to the world’s largest financial institutions and most dynamic technology innovators.”

Meanwhile on Twitter, we also shared this great @WarrenBuffet quote with our followers: “Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.”

Tweets About Our App

Our friends at @netbanker tweeted: “Congrats to @BillGuard for topping App Store’s banking/finance area.” Thank you! We’re honored and humbled.

Designer, developer and Twitter user @maxwendkos wrote, “Trying out the new @BillGuard app. Might have finally found a better-designed replacement for @mint.” Wow! What a compliment!

BillGuard user @fourqurak said of our app, “I absolutely love this! Already realized I hadn’t cancelled the NYSC membership when I rejoined Equinox!” Glad we helped you catch a recurring charge, @fourqurak!

@Perhammer commented, “Bummed that @BillGuard app isn’t available in UK App Store, looks a cool way to manage outgoings.” You can encourage BillGuard to come to your country on the BillGuard My Country! page.

Robert Stephens, who tweets as @rstevens, wrote: “@BillGuard’s new iOS app is doing what banks should have offered years ago: monitoring your transactions for recurring & hidden fees.” His friend Ryan Delk, who tweets as @delk, replied, “Just got set up — amazing. Excited for where they could take this.” Thanks, Robert, and welcome, Delk!

@Kaiyichu apparently heard the hype, because he tweeted, “@billguard i would love to try if it really does what it promised.” Try it! It’s free for your first three cards!

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