Take Charge: Week of July 1

Welcome to Take Charge, our weekly roundup of news about hidden fees and fine print!

Four Tips For Avoiding Surprise Charges On Your Credit Card

Do you know the “lingo” that’s written into the fine print of your credit card agreement? Do you know what APR stands for? Can you define the terms “promotional rate” and “grace period”? These words define your rights and responsibilities as a credit card holder. Learn the lingo — and discover ways to avoid getting scammed — in this post about surprise credit card charges.

Auto-Renewal Scams Take a Chunk Out of Your Wallet

Have you ever forgotten that a subscription is about to automatically renew at the monthly, quarterly or annual mark? Has your forgetfulness resulted in a bigger bill?

While earnest retailers send you a reminder, telling you that your subscription is about to renew, other merchants choose to remain silent, quietly sticking the charge onto your statement and pointing to the fine print when you object. Learn more about auto-renewals and ways that you can avoid getting charged in this article.

Tweets from Our Community

We support mobile phone apps that help customers keep more money in their wallet. So we shared an @FoxBusiness article about 10 Apps that Every Homebuyer Should Have. That’s when California-based Twitter user (and self-described “mom to an 8-year-oldbaseball nut”) Kristine Snyder, who tweets as @krissylynn, retweeted our message to her followers, spreading the word about amazing financial apps. Thanks for sharing the message, Krissy!

Speaking of great news stories, here’s another one that we shared — Apple notified parents that they’re eligible to get a $5 iTunes credit if their minor child spent less than $30 on an in-app purchase without their permission. If their child spent more than that, the parents will be able to ask for a cash refund. Here’s the story, which we shared on Twitter. Follow #greycharges to stay informed about more refunds, credits and news related to fees and fine print.

Want to take a peek into the BillGuard offices? Lea Aharonovitch, our Director of Product Management, is about to enjoy some chocolate birthday cake in this photo, which we spread on Twitter. Happy birthday!