5 Things to Know About the Global Payments, Inc. Data Breach

UPDATED 5:05PM EST, April 2, 2012

BillGuard CEO Yaron Samid interviewed by Associated Press TV:

What You Need to Know:


  1. Between January 21st and February 25th, 2012, hackers breached the payment databases of Global Payments Incorporated, a publicly traded, Atlanta-based payment processor. According to Global Payments, the hackers accessed cardholder information for 1.5 million accounts; however, cardholder names, addresses, and social security numbers do not appear to have been accessed.
  2. Payment processors are “middle men” between merchants and banks. Even if you’ve never heard of Global Payments, there is a chance that your card information has passed through their systems and you may be at risk.
  3. Early reports indicate that the breach may be tied to New York City-area taxi and parking garage companies. Consumers who’ve used their debit or credit card to pay for an NYC cab or parking garage in the last few months should keep an extra close eye on their card statements for unauthorized charges.
  4. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover all maintain $0 consumer fraud liability policies on their networks. If your card was compromised, you will not be liable for fraudulent purchases made on your card.
  5. Banks began notifying affected cardholders of the breach last week. However, if you have any questions about your data security, you should contact your card issuing bank directly to ask whether your cards have been affected.

For more information, please visit, a website set up by Global Payments, Inc. to disseminate information about this breach.

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