Credit Monitoring – 3 Bureau


An essential tool to detect early warning signs of identity theft. Get alerted to every inquiry or change to your credit reports from all three credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. We monitor the three major credit bureaus daily to see if any key information has changed or any important data has be altered on your credit reports.

If it has, we’ll send you a mobile notification alert and an urgent email. That way, you can identify fraudulent activity early in cases where you don’t recognize or did not authorize the credit activity. You can then just give us a call if you have any questions and we’ll help you understand exactly where you stand. If you need to take any action, our agent will even do it all on your behalf if you’d like, so you can avoid all the hassle.

What’s the advantage to 3-Bureau monitoring?

When creditors report new information on your identity, they may only report to one or two of the three major credit bureaus. In that case, 1-bureau monitoring of just your TransUnion credit file may not alert you to all events reported by creditors. The three bureaus do report some events to each other, so some of the events not reported directly to TransUnion will eventually be reported to TransUnion and generate an alert for you – but there will be a time lag from when the event was first reported.

Monitoring all three credit bureaus with 3-Bureau credit monitoring will enhance your credit monitoring security by maximizing the number and timeliness of your alerts.