BillGuard, Chapter 2

BillGuard Ultimate

Five years ago I personally experienced a credit card hack that affected millions of Americans for years before the banks even knew it existed. How was that possible? Because less than half of all known card fraud is ever caught by the banks.

My frustration and ambition to solve the problem was the genesis of BillGuard, Chapter 1.  A killer team and 1.5 million downloads later, BillGuard has helped cardholders detect over $70 million in fraud, grey charges and billing errors that the banks missed, and we’ve barely scratched the surface of what our crowd-powered technology can do.

In the past two years, nearly every adult in America, myself included, has had their personal information stolen in a data breach. 85% of identity theft, America’s fastest growing crime, results in fraudulent use of existing accounts – credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts. Not a single identity theft protection provider has a solution for 85% of the problem they claim to solve. How is that possible?

Identity theft protection is a $3 billion industry littered with FUD marketers selling overpriced insurance masked as product. Many have been or are being sued by the FTC for false advertising. It’s a sham – and a shame. Especially now, people deserve better. Our frustration and ambition to solve the problem has risen to the next level. And so has BillGuard.

Welcome to BillGuard, Chapter 2.

Today we’re thrilled to announce BillGuard Ultimate, the most advanced identity theft protection ever created. Built for mobile. Priced for everyone. We’re combining our breakthrough existing account fraud monitoring technology and award winning mobile application with best of class identity theft protection features such as comprehensive 3 bureau credit monitoring, black market surveillance, social security number trace, full service identity and wallet restoration and $1M identity theft insurance. And we’re doing all this for $6.99/mo. You can also get a starter protection package for $2.99/mo or continue using BillGuard without full identity theft protection, for free. What others spend on shady advertising and outdated technology, we pass on to you in transparent savings. That’s at the very heart of our company values and mission.

You can now get most of what LifeLock offers for $30 a month, plus existing account fraud protection and money tracking, beautifully designed for your smartphone, for less than a quarter of LifeLock’s price. This is not your rich dad’s identity theft protection. This is people-powered innovation, for everyone. We couldn’t be more proud to bring it to you.

Learn more about BillGuard Ultimate here and simply upgrade to the latest version of BillGuard for iPhone to get it. Android and more goodness coming soon!

~ Yaron Samid, BillGuard Founder and CEO